Style, Food, & Wine : Get You a Travel Bestie

Photo Cred: The Curl Market

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to explore especially when it comes to manifesting ideas and creating exciting boards so I can visually see what it is I’m trying to get out of that beautiful brain of mine. I came across this photo posted by the Curl Market, which reminded me of my best friend Alisabeth and myself when we get together.

Every woman needs a traveling companion and a drinking buddy ( if you drink ), and I definitely found one in my best friend. We are always having a glass of wine and discussing our dating problems or the latest fashion trend and even where we plan to travel next when the pandemic is over.

Sure you can travel by yourself, but who else can you try to talk to handsome men with in France or wine and dine with for brunch at the beach in Barbados.

The benefits from having a stylish travel companion –

  1. Splitting Expenses / Money Management – Brunches, drinks, & shopping would all be so much cheaper and even booking flights together and Airbnbs. She will let you know when you don’t need something, “No girl, you don’t need another bag!”
  2. Safety – No need to feel worried about your safety because your best friend will never let you out of her sight!
  3. Photo Ops – Make sure to get you a friend that knows your angles and can capture great shots for you with the scenery wherever you travel.
  4. Packing Essentials – Bestie will always make sure she has something you don’t in her bag or will remind you of something you always seem to forget.
  5. Creating Memories – Those beautiful memories will go down in history because it’s going to be the fondest of times that you will have with one another.

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