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Fenty Beauty Body Sauce – A Black Girl’s Dream

YouTube – Samira Belle

Yaaaasssss, we are LIVING for everything Fenty. Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, Fenty clothing brand, SavagexFenty, Rihanna Robyn Fenty, just everything. What makes this so special though is the fact that Rihanna has created a whole new platform of skin and beauty products and included those skin types and colors that were always left out of it all.

Introducing the new Body Sauce by Fenty Beauty, a body luminizing tint. The body blur comes in 7 skin-enhancing shades, is lightweight and gives you an all-over glow. Every Black woman is so excited right now because not only did Rihanna give us all these options of makeup for our face but now you’re creating goodies for the skin on the rest of our body….what?!

Samira Belle, Beauty and Lifestyle influencer, picked up her Body Sauce from Sephora, and since you can’t try on anything at the store for sanitary reasons, Bell had to get three shades – Sinamon Sizzle, Fly Mamacita, and Chocolate Reign. Testing out the tints on her hand first and then blended on her chest, you can see the match (Sinamon Sizzle) is damn near perfect.

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Belle gives her insight on the transfer test to see if the tint rubs off onto her clothing and fortunately there was no transfer. Can’t say much for the Body Lava though due to the fact that it’s sticky and it definitely rubs off because it does not set in or dry completely. Make sure when applying the Body Sauce that your skin is clean and moisturized. The tint does not fully cover your scars but rather blurs them.

I’m so excited to try out the Body Sauce for myself because I am going to Miami next week and I don’t have the clearest skin but I would love to touch up and cover the places where I have some dark spots and scars. I always thought it was ridiculous to see women put makeup on their body and actually used to believe it was a myth or something. But now that I am a grown woman with blemished skin, I know now that sometimes it’s necessary!

You can buy both Fenty Beauty Body Sauce (retail price: $48) and Body Lava (retail price: $59), at any Sephora location and, and on as well. But hurry before it sells out because it will.